If you are a project developer or an investor managing development and financing projects for emerging African countries and are looking to…

Get a clear roadmap
for your project

Select the right

Come to grips with the
country and sector

Craft the right risk
mitigation strategy

Find the right team of legal / insurance / environmental / social advisors

Manage time pressure
and looming deadlines

We can help.


Moving your projects
from conceptual to bankable

We advise you on your earliest draft project documents, including shareholders’ agreements, power purchase agreements, and government concession agreements.


Guiding you
each step of the way

With extensive experience in all aspects of project development and financing in the renewable energy, agricultural, and health sectors in emerging…


Fitting seamlessly
into your team

We can be at your team’s side as a supportive and reliable partner on a project by project basis, or we can supplement it over a more extended period to help …

« At JHB Consult, we help each of our clients get the right things done at each stage, so that they can achieve their goals more smoothly, serenely, and quickly. »

Jan-Hendrik Burger – Former lawyer & Founder of JHB Consult $

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